Terms & Conditions Generator

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Our terms and conditions generator will walk you through the questions needed to build your own terms of service. You’ll need to know some information about your business and business practices, but you don’t need prior legal experience.

Our goal is to help you create customized terms and conditions as easily as possible without sacrificing compliance.

When you are ready to start building your terms of use, open the generator and follow these steps:

  1. Answer questions about your business, website
  2. Choose your method of dispute resolution (a critical piece of any terms and conditions)
  3. Give a few final details and add additional customization if needed

We provide definitions, answers to common questions, and helper text throughout the generator, designed to help you quickly and accurately answer the questions. After you answer all the questions, the terms and conditions generator will assemble your final product.

Your progress will also be saved, so you can take a break and finish your terms and conditions whenever is convenient for you.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you’ll have three easy embed options. You can add your terms and conditions to your website or app using HTML, a URL, or an iframe. The URL and iframe options are hosted by Termly, and both have the capability for automatic updates. This means you can edit your terms of service in your Termly dashboard and republish them in a single step without needing to re-embed.

Are you using WordPress, Squarespace, or other content management systems? No problem. You can still use Termly’s embed options.